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Frequently Asked Questions :


International Driver’s License Disclaimer:


You [the client] hereby declare under penalty of perjury that you have been informed that the driver’s license you are applying for is not a valid California/any state driver’s license; It is merely a translation of your country’s issued driver’s license. You are aware that you need to accompany your issued international driver’s license with your country issued driver’s license at all times. You also understand that you need to be aware of and maintain the traffic laws of the state that you’re currently using this license in. You understand that this license alone does not comply with the traffic laws and it’s not intended to replace a valid, suspended, expired or revoked any state driver’s license. You also understand that if a police officer stops you it will be at his/her discretion to penalize you. You will hold harmless Crown North Insurance Marketing Inc. liable for any damages incurred, charges or losses that you may be involved in.


Where Can I Use My IDL?

In more than 200 Countries that signed and belong to the UN among those, USA, Mexico, France, Canada, Germany, ETC.


When To Use It?


When visiting a country and need to drive a motorize vehicle.



How To Use It? 


IDL is a translation of the clients driver’s license which you must carry with you at all times to prove that you are qualified to drive a motorized vehicle. Whoever carries the IDL is fully responsible to drive and maintain the laws of the country they are visiting. Any one whose drive'rs license has been revoked or suspended cannot use an IDL as a substitute to their original drive'rs license.


What Are The Requirements To Obtain an IDL?


Send us a color passport size photograph, copy of your country's original driver’s license, and your signed application. The process takes anywhere from 8 to 10 business days after your completed application package is received.


Full Name

Full Address

Birth date


Eye Color


Desired Validity [3 years, 5 years, 10 years]

Passport Size Photo


International Driver's License is accepted in over 200 countries, who are members of the UNITED NATIONS. 


Getting the International Driver's License is easier than you may think; ask us for more information and drive with peace of mind. 


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